Akron offers to the customers the possibility to collaborate during the process of the product design, starting from your initial idea or from a "zero point" in order to get a sophisticated product and great attention to detail.

We offer a service of analysis and realization of the project going through different step:

Search of ideal material

We find the optimal material for the creation of the product to respect the parameters and characteristics necessary for its future function.

Improvements of product's structure

We analyse the structure of the product exploring the material, the product function and the critical issues that will be submitted, advising, if necessary, the improvements that can ensure the best functioning.

3D prototyping

Once realised the design of the product, to make it more realistic we realize the prototype with the 3D printer.

Mould analysis


We realize the moulds (of any size) to be used for the product moulding respecting the prototype and the agreed idea, this allows us to speed up construction and remain in the deadlines established by having a quality result.


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