Injection moulding

Akron deals with plastic injection moulding materials for various production sectors such as plumbing, motorcycle, electrical engineering, medical, automotive and metering systems.

The car fleet consists of 50 horizontal injection presses from 6 to 600 tons, the variety of machines allows us to print different size and weight of products.

In fact we have a micro-injection presses to produce products that weigh up to a few hundredths of a gram.

Each press is automated through the use of robot that performs the operations of moving the product from the mould to the conveyor belt, removal of the scrap and of small operations related to the production cycle.

We also offer the possibility of including in support of the robot one or more cameras for visual and quality control of the product made.

The car fleet is productive 24 hours a day for 5 days a week allowing us to perform the moulding in a predetermined time.

Over the years we have also diversified in the processing of the moulding material families (polycarbonates, vinyls, polyamides, polymers and many other) focusing on their characteristics and quality, specializing also on more complex materials such as peek, thermoplastic rubber and filled materials.

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